Drewling Samantics

S09E10 - You'll Find Him in the Theatre Section

October 22, 2023 Season 9 Episode 10
Drewling Samantics
S09E10 - You'll Find Him in the Theatre Section
Show Notes

You’ll Find Him in the Theatre Section
Drew and Sam started this podcast way back in the dark days of ‘the unwelcome guest’, when lockdown was upon us and performers and associated industries were struggling to survive. For them it was not just a coping mechanism, but a hope that it might go a little way to help creatives turn things around - or at least realise they were not on their own. And that campaigning spirit of raising awareness and building back is very relevant this week, as they welcome their latest guest, Terry Hayden.
Drew and Terry are very old friends, starting their theatre journeys way back (hundreds of years ago Sam would say!) as young teenagers in the Luton Youth Drama Workshop, and now, many years later, they discuss a subject and, more specifically, a theatre very close to their hearts. A true thespian at heart, Terry is also a founding member of the Luton Creative Community and, more recently, a leading campaigner to save Luton Library Theatre, where Drew and Terry appeared when young and over many years since. He and his team have made great progress so far, but, as he explains, this is just the start, as there is a long way to go and much to sort before it is back to its full glory. It is certainly on the way though, and, with someone like Terry at the helm, it is bound to be an enormous success.
Our dynamic duo are pleased to be able to help highlight this on-going work, as they like to do with any positive entertainment cause, and hope that the ever-growing Drewling Samantics network may be able to help further this exciting and important project too. So sit back and listen to Terry’s brilliant stories, and find out how you too can maybe make a difference.
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